What are the indicators of Islamic religious behavior instruments?

I am developing an instrument of Islamic religious behavior based on the hadith of Gabriel which divides Islam into 3 dimensions: Islam, Iman and Ihsan.In your opinion, what are the indicators in Islam, Iman and Ihsan that I can include. Thank you


Jasmen Omersic

As far as behaviour is concerned, you may take into account the five pillars of Islam (shurut al-Islam) for Islam, for Iman that would be the pillars of belief (shurut al-Iman), and for ihsan you may take the overall of both pillars and look into the objectives of Shariah based on the analysis of darruriyyat, hajiyyat and tahsiniyyat. That would determine the Ihsan.You may even develop the framework based on objectives of Shariah for what you have books available in plenti such as Shatibi’s, Ghazali’s books on maqasid.


Journal about Islamic Religiosity

  • Religiosity among Muslims: A Scale Developtment and Validation Study (link)
  • The Five Dimensions of Muslim Religiosity. Result of an Empirical Study by Yasemin El-Menouar (link)
  • The Attitudes Toward Islam Scale by Abdullah Sahin and Leslie J Francis (link)
  • Understanding the relogioys behavior of Muslims in the Netgerlands and the UK by Dr Ayse Guveli and Dr Lucinda Platt (link)
  • Muslim Daily Religiosity Assessment Scale (MUDRAS): A New Instrument for Muslim Religiosity Research and Practice (link)
  • The Development and Validation of a Qur’an-Based Instrument to Assess Islamic Religiosity: The Religiosity of Islam Scale by Jana-Masri and Paul E. Priester (link)
  • Sikap dan Perilaku Keagamaan Mahasiswa Islam di Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta oleh Mami Hajaroh (link)

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