Keterangan Tentang Konspirasi-Konspirasi Iluminati Di Dunia


Svali: “The national council [consists of] influential bankers with OLD money such as: The Rockefellers, the Mellon family, the Carnegie family, the Rothschild family etc. I know I shouldn’t name names, but I will.

The “Supreme World Council” is already set up as a prototype of the one that will rule when the NWO comes into being. It meets on a regular basis to discuss finances, direction, policy, etc. and to problem-solve difficulties that come up. Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money. The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats. A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat. A descendant of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat. The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat.

This is one reason that the Illuminati have been pretty “untouchable” over the years. The ruling members are very, very, very wealthy and powerful. I hope this information is helpful. How do I know this? I was on a local leadership council (a head trainer), but I talked to those on regional. Also, every Illuminati child is taught who their “leaders” are, and told to take an oath of allegiance to them and the “New Order to come”.”


Svali: “The Illuminati leadership state that they are descended from royal bloodlines, as well as unbroken occult heritage.

See, there were two definitions of “royalty” used. Open royalty that is currently seen now, and “hidden royalty” of royal lineage and extreme occult power. Sometimes the two were concurrent, such as with the Prince of Wales.

I never thought of which country/line held the most power, since I was just a peon busily doing my job. But my understanding was: The Hanoverian / Hapsburg descendants rule in Germany over the Bruderheist. They are considered one of the strongest lines for occult as well. The British line is just under them, with the royal family. Definitely, they rule the UK branch under the Rothschilds in the occult realm, even though parliament rules the country openly.

In France, again, descendants of the royal families are also in power in the occult realm, but the French Rothschilds hold the reigns over all of them.”

Rank of the US

Svali: “The U.S. is considered lower, and younger, than the European branches. …Germany, France, and the UK form a triumvirate that rules in the European cult. The USSR is considered important, and has the strongest military groups. The USSR has been promised fourth position in the New World Order, BEFORE the role the U.S. would have, because the USSR has been more helpful and cooperative over the years with furthering the agenda.

The descendants of the former ruling families there are also involved in the occult leadership, along with the newer ones. There is no Marxism in the cult. China will be ranked after the USSR, then the U.S. But a lot of the current U.S. leadership will be in Europe when the change occurs, and many have homes there. They will be “changing nationalities” overnight, as it were. This is the little that I do remember. Wish I had been a better student of this stuff, but I was too busy trying to stay alive when I was in it.

Russia will be the military base and powerhouse of the group, since their military commanders (Illuminist) are considered the best in the world, and very, very disciplined. China, because of its roots in oriental occultism, and its large population, will also be considered a higher power than the US. But again, the real power will reside in Europe, according to what I was taught when part of the group.

The United Nations

Svali: “The UN was created early in this century in order to help overcome one of the biggest barriers to a one-world government …That barrier is the one of nationalism, or pride in one’s country. This is why it was NOT a popular concept when first introduced, it took years of country bashing in the media and the destruction of any sense of national pride by a (not so subtle) media campaign over the years.

The UN is a preparation, but it is not the real power in the world, and will be relatively unimportant when the NWO comes into being. The real councils will then step forward. But as a means of getting the general public to accept the idea of a “global community” and the “one world community” the UN is a stepping stone in their working towards the NWO.”

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  1. Mas bro,artikel ini sangat mnarik,,tpi klo bisa dterjmahin ke bhsa indonesia donk…gua kurag bisa bhasa inggris


    • he…he…terjemahin aja pake google translate.
      kecepatan google translate untuk menerjemahkan itu sangat mengagumkan cepat dan semakin akurat dan lagi ada kata sinonim yang telah disediakan bagi tiap kata yang diterjemahkan.


    • iya gan saya juga setuju komentar agan make google translate terjemahannya jadi aneh gan


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  3. Membuka wawasan sekali artikelnya…. Kita harus lebih waspada dan banyak2 berdoa..


    • benar kata anda, kita memang harus lebih waspada dari kemungkinan makar-makar musuh islam yang sengaja mengoyak-oyak kesatuan umat islam dan kita juga harus banyak berdoa agar Allah senantiasa meneguhkan keimanan di dalam dada sanubari kita.

      and the last…terima kasih atas kunjungannya di blog sederhana saya…


  4. kalo pake bahasa inggris, siapa yg mau baca bang ?


    • jangan salah sangka akh Yazid sudah beberapa minggu artikel ini jadi top post di blog, itu artinya antusias pembaca tinggi sekalipun disajikan dalam bahasa inggris.

      Kalau dilihat dari visitor blog, jumlah pengunjung dari orang-orang Amerika cukup banyak, menempati peringkat kedua setelah Indonesia.Di antara artikel yang banyak mereka kunjungi adalah artikel di atas.

      last…terima kasih atas komentarnya….jangan kapok untuk berkunjung kembali..


    • Saya mohon maaf kepada saudara Yazid Jawadd Malik yang sangat ingin memahami artikel di atas namun kerepotan dengan bahasa inggrisnya, saya ingin membantu saudara memahami artikel itu karena artikel itu sangat bagus untuk kita mengetahui konspirasi musuh islam di sekitar kita.

      Sayangnya setelah saya mencari-cari, belum saya dapatkan terjemahan yang komplit dari artikel tersebut dan akhirnya anda tetap membutuhkan kamus atau google translate untuk memahaminya.

      Sewaktu surfing mencari-cari informasi di atas, saya mendapatkan link buku online “Terrorism and the Illuminati – A Three Thousand Year History yang ditulis oleh David Livingstone. Buku ini membahas tentang konspirasi Kabbalah sejak 2500 tahun yang lalu sampai sekarang dan ditambah informasi-informasi baru.

      Buku ini sangat kontroversial untuk kalangan umat islam karena dalam salah satu tulisannya contohnya di hal 161-172 si penulis menyebut kelompok salafi sebagai kelompok yang dibuat oleh fremasonri lewat tangan Jamaluddin Al-Afghani dan Muhammad Abduh. Jelas sekali pernyataan seperti ini sangat jauh dari kebenaran.

      Oleh karena itu saya ingin sekali mengajak teman-teman pembaca untuk berdiskusi bersama tentang illuminati dan hal lain yang terkait disini.

      Dan untuk membuka diskusi saya lampirkan link artikel yang telah saya kunjungi.

      1. Buku Terrorism and the Illuminati:

      2. Tulisan Henry Makow Ph.D tentang buku Terrorism and the Illuminati:!topic/total_truth_sciences/bw5H1kKlwns

      3. Artikel dari yang memuat satu judul dari buku Terrorism and the Illuminati tentang salafi:

      Demikian tambahan komentar yang bisa saya sampaikan, untuk selanjutnya saya mengundang teman sekalian untuk berdiskusi bersama disini.
      Terima kasih.


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